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Hand made Treasures

Some of My  Treasures:
Fancyass Face Masks
Hand Crafted Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Water Color and Acrylic Painting
Rock Pets
Wands and Staffs
Magickal Hats of Awesome
Papier-mâché Familiars
Scrabble Word Paintings
Robes of Wonder and Unknown Magick
Hand Crafted Runes and Sigils
Locally Collected Dried Herbs & Roots
Hand Made Greeting Cards for Pets and Familiars
Oatmeal Cookies for the Days of Mundane


My Lovely items have gone to the nicest people. people that could see the love, happiness and positive energy that I have filled each piece with, as this is my intent. 

Pet Portraits 

Custom painted watercolors and acrylics on canvas of your pet, auto, home or business


Handmade pendant created with stone, wood and copper wire


A variety of  unique and unusual Item, all hand crafted .


Yummies from the kitchen and garden