I am a self taught artist and have been creating artwork since the late 70's.

First starting out in small craft shows painting random requests from the patrons I soon found my true passion, painting dogs, cats, pet birds, aquarium fish, farm animals,and show cars.

Traveling to various art and pet shows over the years taught me a lot about the different breeds of pets and their conformation, it was a very educational time.

When the internet and paypal came around I took advantage of the technology to begin taking orders over the internet and traveled less which worked out well, having young children at that time.
It was at this time our small farm was discovered by NEO Foodies and the Slow Food Group looking for organically raised veggies, egg, and meats.
I met some of the most wonderful and caring people through this group and took pleasure in personally raising food for local chefs as well as individuals.
But caring for the farm and family took all my time so I had to put artwork away, a literal palette cleansing time.

As with anything however, all good things must come to an end, farming is not an option for us anymore, and with the children grown I can once again focus on my artwork.
If you were a member of the Blue Egg Farms CSA subscription In Columbia Station, Ohio  I thank you very much for your support.

Here are a few memories of life on the farm.

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